With great pleasure we hereby present the 2019 overview of the strategic program Infection & Immunity. 2019 was marked as the year of the Scientific Evaluation, in which our strategic program was very positively evaluated. In preparation of this, we somewhat re-organized our research activities in four interconnected research themes:

• preventing antimicrobial resistance
• preventing inflammation
• elucidating host-pathogen interactions
• developing immune-mediated therapy and prevention

Each theme contains distinct research lines, and clinicians, researchers and research groups and collectively these themes serve many important patient groups in our hospital. More than that, I&I research activities have influenced medical care internationally.

In 2020 we will address the suggestions made by the international Scientific Evaluation committee: amongst others, strengthen the infrastructure of our research,optimize integration of clinical researchers in our activities and re-install a successful talent program. For now, enjoy reading our 2019 overview.

Marc Bonten,
Chair Strategic Program I&I

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