On June 6, the second symposium of the strategic program Infection & Immunity took place at Villa Jongerius. The theme of the afternoon was "I meets I; how collaborations create new opportunities”. The afternoon was therefore devoted to collaboration between researchers from the two Is. The symposium was hosted by Jonas Kuiper (Ophthalmology, CTI) and Marc Bonten, who kicked off as I&I chair with an update of the strategic program. Subsequently, recipients of the I&I Grant 2018 presented their awarded collaborative projects:
• Roos Berbers: Microbial translocation and IgA in
  Common Variable Immunodeficiency
• Fernanda Paganelli: Collagen-like ligands for the
  inhibitory immune receptor LAIR-1 as EHEC virulence
• Stefan Nierkens: The effect of HHV6 viremia on
  thymopoiesis after hematopoietic cell transplantation


“Where I meets I . . .”
(2nd Edition)

Media highlights


Coming five years, partners from the Netherlands Centre for One Health (NCOH) will investigate how the Netherlands can be better prepared for infectious diseases transmitted by mosquitoes. The Dutch Research Council (NWO) has awarded almost 9 million euros for this research. This amount has been supplemented to 10 million euros in contributions from seven collaborating public organisations. UMC Utrecht contributes with the ZIeKA-monitor, a tool which facilitates investigation of disease transmission in travellers.

Outbreaks of (new) infectious diseases in humans and animals are becoming more prevalent worldwide. That is due to various factors, such as population growth, international trade, international travel and climate change. In the Netherlands, a relatively large number of people, livestock and animals live near each other. In combination with our water-rich landscape and busy international trade and travel, it makes us vulnerable to outbreaks of infectious diseases.

10 million for One Health research in the Netherlands




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